Welcome Back ! (school project)

Hi, welcome back. I'm back. It feels weird, weird to write again on this site I've worked on for the past 3 years, but I abandoned. Ofcourse I've missed writing a lot, and thought about going back every now and then. And here I am, back. Well, not fully. I have this school project, where I have to make a blog. Maybe this will inspire me to continue writing blogs? And oh, yes, this is in English.

I've been away for over a year now. A lot has happened. Y'all know I'm a big fangirl. I saw Ariana from front row and had a VIP package. We were supposed to talk to her and ask questions, but there wasn't enough time to actually do that. We did dance with her though, and she did talk to us. It was weird being this close, but I had the time of my life.  I saw also saw Shawn (FINALLY !) and Justin.
I grew with my photography, and got a job at a store. Basically my whole life just improved. Also, I'm becoming more and more passionate about fashion which sounds so weird, like oh another girl who's into fashion. But I mean it, I love it. My necklace collection is growing and growing it's unhealthy. A jewellery brand even reposed my picture on their account with 400K followers, it made me so happy wow.

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