5 Tips On How To Stay Organized (school project)

Last year my bag and agenda were a mess. I had a messy room, I forgot my agenda, and I lost the papers school gave me. {Don't worry, I always find them again} This year, I got a lil more experience on how to stay organized. I made a list with some tips for you, so you can be organized and ready for school!

When I went back to school shopping, I found this amazing notebook. You can put papers and stuff in here. I decided to use this as a notebook were I keep things I need for school. Papers, lil notes. Stuff like that.

Use your Agenda!
I swear, this helps. I forgot my agenda a lot of times last year. Big mistake. I realized how important this thing is. This will save your life.
I use one notebook for studying. So I have everything in one notebook and I don't need to search in every notebook I have. I did this last year and it really works!

- Make A to do List, but NOT on your phone. It helps to write it down on paper. 
- Buy a folder to keep all your papers at one place. And it will help you to never loose your papers!
- Clean your room every week. This way you will never loose your papers! {Again, haha}

How do u stay organized?
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