Cape Verde - Boa Vista (school project)

Being away from everything, school, the Netherlands and stress seemed like a great idea. So did my parents think. A couple weeks ago my parents booked a trip to Cape Verde. We asked a couple days off of school, my school said yes, and I started counting down the days. The days flew by and before I knew it, I was under the sun, featuring a blue sea.
I've never been in Africa before, let alone being under the sun in the equator. It was different than I expected it to be. It was way less sweaty than the sun in the Netherlands. I did expect the sun to make ur skin tan very fast, and it did. I never burn in the Netherlands, and in Boa Vista, I burned through the clouds. It was weird.

 This island truly is paradise on earth. You can just relax and think of nothing but of the heat. The people here are the nicest and we met some of the most humble people ever. If you plan on going somewhere soon, I recommend this hotel (Riu Karamboa)!

This guy we met on the beach, who also lives in Boa Vista, told us that every morning around  10:30AM and 12PM turtles would swim close to the shore. My family and I, of course, went to look for those turtles, and we saw them! Later that day they (apparently) swam close to me and my sister. My dad said they were like 4 meters away.

Boa Vista was a true dream and I'd totally visit this island again!

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