Photography (school project)

Ever since I was young, I have been busy with photography. Stole my parents' camera a couple of times, even made pictures with my nintendo, which as u can guess, had real bad quality. Also edited those pictures, with hearts, crazy color effect etc... In 2014 I bought my own DSLR, which I still use. (Saving for a new one tho, since I'm even more into it now, gotta make sure I have the best quality)
Lately I've been discovering my style (what kind of pictures I make, what effect, what vibe I want to give people with my photos etc).

I started doing photoshoots with friends. It all started with a very good friend of mine, Yasmina, who goes to the same school as me. You might have seen her on my instagram, and on my blog a while ago. We started doing shoots more often and I became more and more passionate about photography. My friends and I would do shoots outside, and I'd edit the pictures on my phone. Now, I have a whole 'nother style, so I edit everything on Lightroom, an Adobe app kinda like photoshoot, but its more useful for editing pictures when it comes to the tones etc.

 These are some of my favourite pictures I made. I just went outside with my friends, and used objects that would make the picture poppin'. After that I edited the pictures on Lightroom. I did edit their eyes a little bit, but nothing much. Those details truly make the pictures.

Guess you can say my photos had a glo-up. And I'm still growing. In the future I want to do more with photography, and maybe even make it my job.

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