Happy List (school project)

Being happy, something that has a different meaning to everyone. One can be very happy with nothing, but just love from friends and family. The other won't be happy until he/she has everything, is rich etc. Being happy for me means to do the things I love, with people that I care about and who make me happy. There's nothing better than that.

♡ Being surrounded with people who give positive vibes;

♡ Making pictures, edit them and make people smile with them.
I love doing photoshoots with friends, food and music. Their reaction after the shoots are always amazing, I love it.

♡ Having a good day, with a good mood. Sometimes I just wake up with this good mood, and nothing can get me of that cloud. It's the best feeling ever.

♡ I LOVE inspiring people. Lately I've been getting some dm's on Instagram saying that I inspire them. It's one of the biggest compliments you can get, and it truly makes my day.

♡ Singing songs that I love. Actually just singing in general. And FINALLY hitting that note that you struggled to hit for ages.

♡ Giving people a compliment and seeing their reaction after, is an amazing thing. It warms my heart.

♡ Buying that one thing that you wanted to buy for the longest time (and then finally receiving it).

♡ Discovering a new song, which you love the second it starts. A satisfying feeling.

What makes you feel happy?

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