What's In My Backpack?- Back To School Week

Hi! It's day 2 of my back to school week, and I decided to share everything thats in my backpack with you! {If u want, I can make a video of it soon} I did a post/vid like this earlier, but a new school year, means new school supplies! {I have literally no idea what happened with the quality of this pic, sorry!}

 1. Books
We need this, haha. But i only need 6 books because in my school, we work with macbooks
 2. Notebooks
    My Notes
    My resume notebook
    I want to use these things more this year. I want to write down, almost everything the teacher tells    
3. Pensil Pouch
    Make-up bag
    Want to know what's in these bags? Read yesterdays post!

 4. {this is in my front pouch thingy}
      In this panda thing, I have my brace elastics. This sounds weird, haha.
      That polaroid thing is a pass for my locker. I don't have it, I get that pass soon, haha. ; )
5. My Macbook
    My Phone
    I need these on school, everyday. I use these things more then my pens, no joke.

Whats in your backpack?

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