School Essentials- Back To School Week

Hi! School is in 1 week and i'm not ready at all. But i've been thinking of things i need to take with me {to school}. And, because this is the first post of my 'back to school week' i decided to share my essentials with you!
My Pensil Pouch Essentials

 First of all, pens and pencils. Wow, how did I come to this idea? ; )
 We can't forget markers! I love to color code stuff. It helps me so much!

A calculator. We need this for math. I used to forget it, like always. But I have a bigger pencil pouch, so I can put it in there!


Hand sanitizer
Hair tie
Refreshing wipes
Body lotion {My skin gets dry really fast}
Tiny Parfume bottle
And we can't forget lipsticks! I usually take the lipstick with me i wear that day!

What are your essentials?

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  1. Haha ik vergeet ook altijd mijn rekenmachine! Nog leuker wordt het als je in de bovenbouw zit, dan moet je er 2 meenemen, nog 1 extra die je kan vergeten dus;) You are looking lovely today heb ik ook. Alvast succes als je weer naar school moet!


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