Wander In The Park

Anne and I went for a walk in the park. {And ofcourse we were pennyboarding too i mean, pennyboards are bae} The sun was shining SO BRIGHT. It was so hot, like 28 degrees. But, because of the lightening and our being bored moments, we went out to take pictures.

 I decided to sit on the ground but i didn't know it was so warm! I literally almost burned my legs. Ouch. But i thought it would look cool if i would sit on the ground, i look like a potato. Sorry Not Sorry
 {Can we take a moment for Anne, her outfit, en her looks, amazing}

 Now watch me wip, whatch me nae nae.

My Top: The Sting
My Shorts: H&M
My Shoes: Converse/All stars

Annes Top: Subdued
Annes Shorts: H&M
Annes Shoes: Coverse/All stars.

So.... i HOPE i can show u my face soon!! Comment YAY if u want me to post pics with my face {So i can convince my parents it's no big deal to share my potato face with ya'all ; )} Love, Val

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