New In: Mi Pac

School is starting in 2 weeks and I didn't even buy a new bag. My old bag is damaged and I really wanted a backpack for this year. I was searching for white bags, and I found the mi pac in white+gold. I was in love, so I decided to get it for the next school year.

It's a white+gold backpack. And it's big enough for school. I thought it was regular fabric, but it's this weird substance and it looks so cool!
I can put 6 books in it+2 little bags for my makeup and pencils.{and food } And I can even put in more! It has a space for your computer, and some space in front of the bag{which I am going to use for my phone and stuff like that} It's a strong bag and i'm sure this thing can carry a lot of books!
It has gold details and I really like the way it looks. Without the gold things this bag would be kinda boring.

I love this bag! It's cute+beautiful and it is one of the best bags I've ever owned!

What kind of bag do you have? 

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