School Life Hacks- Back To School Week

I don't like school. Okay, it can be fun to be with my friends. And I also love the back to school vids! But, there are a lot of things I don't like! But, I found some ways to make it easier, and more fun. I think these hacks are cool, and I'll use them a lot!

 This is an amazing app! If you are not a morning person, you should use this app! Read more: http://www.sleepcycle.com
 Blotting Paper
Yes, this is toilet paper. This works as a blotting paper too! You will stop shining, it's way cheaper then blotting papers at the store, it's free ; )
 Scannable is just an amazing app. Whenever I get papers with me at school, I ose them. Use this app to scan your papers! You will never loose them!

My new bag really stinks. Grab a tea bag, but it in your bag, and you'll notice that your bag smells so much better!

Other lifehacks:

  • Quizlet; This app is such a cool app, you can make flashcards and a lot of other stuff!
  • Record everything that a teacher tells, if you are tired! I think I'll use this a lot this year.
  • Color code everything you do! Okay, not everything. But I swear, this works!

What hack are you going to use?
Love, Valérie

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