BTS Outfit

"School is so close. I'm not even ready. The school days are waaayyy to long this year. I was excited for BTS, until i saw my schedule. Ugh. I don't want to goooooo. I hope I can survive these long days."
My thought the last few days. It's so frustrating when you know you have only 2 days of your summer break left. Okay, sometimes I was bored. But i rather be bored then sitting in class.

 I was so happy that I could buy school supplies and watch back to school vids. I love the back to school vids so much! And it's very exciting to buy school supplies. I love to pack my back with tumblr stuff. But I also know all of that tumblr stuff will be gone after 3 weeks because my bag is a mess. I hope i can avoid that problem this year! I want to be organized.

This outfit is just a simple but cute one. I love it because it's so comfy!  ^ ^

Top: Pieces
Croptop: The Sting
Jeans: ONLY
Shoes: ALL STARTS/ Converse

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