DIY Babylips UBS

First of all, I want to tell you that this DIY is so simple and fun to make. It literally costs 5/10Min and   I love to make diys like this. So, if you want to make this. Grab your craft supplies, and let's get started. I swear, it's worth it!

1. Grab your baby lips and remove the product that's in the 'bottle'
2. {Do this carefully} Open the usb STICK and pull the 'plug' out of it. {Check the pic}
 3. Now check if the USB fits in the baby lip bottle thingy. {make sure that u twist the thing where the balm used to be, is twisted up!} If it fits, use a hot glue gun to attach it to the balm thingy {I don't know how to say it, haha}
Isn't this DIY cute? I got a lot of comments on my instagram. You guys said it was cute! So, if you make it, tag me in it so I can see your recreations!

Lots of love

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