DIY School Emergency Kit

Yesterday my friend Zara told me she wanted to make an emergency kit for school. I was like: "YAY, that's a good idea!" So when we had nothing to do, we searched "School Emergency Kit" on pinterest and we found tons of ideas! I still had the box of my macbook charger, and I decided to use that as my School Emergency Kit Box!

 1. Extra food. When you are hungry, and you have no food. You can go to your locker and grab a cookie. This is a lifesaver.
 2. A Plaster. Just to make sure you have one. I'm sure you will never use it, but your friends may have an emergency. It's always good to have!
 3. Refreshing wipes.
I also mentioned this in my school essential post. It's very usefull if you have to walk in the rain, and your makeup is all over your face. {Mascara is running al over your cheeks and stuff like that} Just grab these wipes and remove the make-up. {Read the essential post to know what kind of makeup you need to take with you!}
4. Deodorant. You will never know when you are sweaty and stinky.
 5. Hair ties and bobby pins. Just for sure! I forget my hair ties too many times. And we need to wear our hair in a bun/tail for gym class. {Also take a hairbrush with you!}
 6. Some tissues. For when you get 'the cold' at school.
7. An Aspirin. I HATE those schooldays when you have a huge headache and still 5 hours to go. Just go to your locker and take an aspirin!

These are the things you need to put in your Emergency Kit! {Okay, you don't need to, but these are so usefull!} Are you going to make an Emergency Kit for school?

Lots of Love,

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