My new/Fave skincare products

Hi loves! Recently i bought new skincare products. I needed new ones, so i went to the store and bought ones that i never tried. I wanted to try new products so bad, so i'm glad i finally got new skin care products! Their from nivea, and i love nivea so much! The smell, and the feeling on your skin.

The packaging looks like i just bought it from Lancome. They really put a lot of work in it.

This is the night cream. The packaging is amazing, and its dutch, haha.
This is the 'box' {i don't know how to call it} It looks kinda expensive. Well done nivea, haha. Its just a regular 'box' and it isn't that big. U can easily take it with you, in your purse or something.
This cream really makes my skin feel soft, and it is the best night cream i've ever tried. I really like my skin at the moment. My skin is dry {most of the time}. But because if this cream it is gone and i feel confident about my skin!

Day Cream

This is a normal 'tube' {i searched this on google, i thought they didn't call this a tube in english, but they do. I was suprised, haha!} It's a matt tube, and it isn't that big, so you can carry this one in your bag too!

I thought this cream was blue, but it's just white. This cream really helps for me. I use it everyday and it's my fave out of every cream i tried! I'm in love!

If you get the chance to buy it, i say; do it! My skin is so dry, and it helps for me.

Nivea Daycream- 6 euros
Nivea Nightcream- 10 euros

Have a nice day,
Love, Val

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  1. your english is good :) keep the good work up Val!

  2. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  3. Ik ben ook dol op Nivea. Kleine tip: in het Engels schrijf je I altijd met een hoofdletter. Niet alleen aan het begin ;)

    1. Weet ik 😉 Mijn engels lerares heeft het me 100x verteld maar ik ben val en val is veel te lui 😝


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