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 Hi loves! I runned out of concealer, and I needed a new one. School is starting in 3 weeks and my concealers we’re almost empty. I personally dont like my face without concealer, when I don’t wear concealer I feel like I look like I haven’t slept in 55 hours. I bought this inexpensive concealer by catrice, not only to wear to school, but also for my blog.

I was walking through the ‘Kruidvat’ which is a dutch store. I saw this catrice concealer, and my best friend already told me it was an amazing one. I decided to buy it, because it was only €4,50

The packaging is so cool! It looks like its from a brand like… Sorry Idk what brand but it looks so expensive! I think its very beautiful.

The concealer itself is very light colored, but its perfect. It isn't orange, it really 'belongs' to my skin tone. 

There's one problem. The concealer can crease under your eyes. It's easy to fix but it doesn't look that good.

I put some lipstick on my hand and I tried if the concealer could cover this lipstick stain up. It did! If you see this in real life, you can see a lil bit of the red/pink color. But thats okay, because I don't need a concealer that makes me look like i wear 10 layers of foundation, haha.

I really love this concealer. The color is perfect for me, and it stays on all day! It can "crease", but u can fix it in 2sec. 

Catrice- €4,50

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  2. Catrice is zo'n heerlijk merk! En voor dat prijsje kun je die 'crease' wel even bijwerken :) Mooie fotos ook! Liefs

    1. Heel erg bedankt! :)
      Catrice is idd een heel fijn merk :)


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