How Did I Start With Photography?

Last week I received a question; "How did you start with photography?" I thought: This is a good idea for a post! So, I'll tell you a lot of things I learned. How did I start? Who's my inspiration? How did i learned to photograph? I'll tell you almost everything!

I started with photography when I was 9 years old, I think. I had an nintendo. I felt like I was the best photographer of this world, even thought I knew my sis was way beter then i was. And there were a lot of other photographers on this world.

After that I stole the camera of my parents. I kept photographing, and I used to make new {ugly} pics everyday. I also filmed a webshow with my friend. I'm glad we didn't put that on the web, haha. When i was 11/12 I bought an Ipod. I saved money, and I was so happy when i finally bought it! I made 10000 photo's with it. I also used it to make the photo's for my blog, at the beginning. The camera on my IPod has such poor quality. I really wanted a SLR camera, because my blog would be so much better if I had one!

In June 2014, i bought my first SLR camera. I still use the same one, and the quality is so much better! I love to try new things out and to edit my pictures.

When I was 13 years old, I started liking making pictures of people. I'm not that good, but I'm 14 years old at the moment, and I still need to learn. I get more advanced in it every time i make pictures.

My inspirations are:
Jones Crow- He's Ariana Grandes photographer. He makes beautiful pics of cities, and people. I love the way he makes pictures of the crew, Ariana's dogs, and every show of her tour!
Lauresque- This is a blogger. {lauresque.com} Her pics are so perfect. I still don't know how her pics can be so perfect!

Because of this people I started looking for ways to make my pictures special. They make pics like no one else makes them. {I tried 10+ editing apps. You just need to find the app you like the most!}

Do you love to photograph? Who's your fave photographer?

Love, Val

{the pics in this post aren't the best i made}

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  1. Ik kan alleen maar jaloers zijn op jouw foto skills! Die kitten is zooo lief ❤️

  2. haha, heel erg bedankt!
    Die kitten is zeker lief 😉 Mis hem ook heel erg 😢


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