Summer Mornings

Hi! Summer, sleeping until 11AM. I can just stay home, i can go tanning, and be with my friends. I love it. {But sadly it is the time of BTS vids and we need to buy school supplies....} Anyway, my morning routine is so much better in the summer. On school days it is kinda sad, because i don't wanna go to school, haha. In summer, i can stay in bed all day {Like i'm doing while im writing this. And no worries, i don't know if i keep writing things in english, but this is just a 'test' ; ) }

Goodmoring! I wake up at 10AM/11AM/11:30AM. When i wake up it usually takes 10 minutes for me to really wakeup. {I'm so sorry, my grammar is bad...} 

But when i'm awake i like to check my social media! Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Bloglovin. Me and my phone are like besties and it takes 1 hour to finally get out of my bed.
I love it to plan my day. I write my ideas down, and i make a to do list! 

Then it's time to get out of my lovely bed, and to start the day. I put my hair in a ponytail, and i go to the bathroom to wash my face! {I really want to try out a new face wash, comment your fave!}

Once thats done i put on my Nivea moisturizer. And then i need to choose which body lotion i use. I usually go for the Nivea one, it makes my skin smooth and soft, i love it! And after that i use my eos lipbalm, its my fave if u didn't know.
Breakfast time! I eat very boring stuff, haha.
When i'm done with eating my breakfast, i brush my teeth and choose my OOTD! {Why do i look like i'm a granny making a pic?}
Fave part of the day, make-up. I love to do my make-up. It's so.... Zenn. 

When i'm finally done with getting ready, its time to do something with my life. ; )

That's everything i do in the morning! What time do u wake up? I'd like to know! 
Love, Val

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