Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Smoothing Sorbet

*there is a little fault in the picture, im sorry.

I dont know if you already knew this, but im addicted to lip products. And i think the most of you knew this, but since this is the 2th post in english, i thought i need to tell you this, hehehehe. Anyway, i just bought the new baby lips. In the VS and UK its avaible for like.... half a year? I dont know, but in the Netherlands you can buy it since 4 weeks i guess, so i decided to review it! :)

She packaging looks so cute! Its just white, with colour. Like red, pink, and light blue. And i love them all!

When i wanted to use it for the first time, i smelled it, and it smelled so good! Everytime when i put this on my lipt, my lips smell so good ;).

It gives a "my lips but better" colour to your lips. Im totally in love with this Smoothing Sorbet Baby Lip.

 You can buy it at lots of shops! So make sure to check it out! Its totally worth it. It makes my lips softer, and smoother, i love it!

4 opmerkingen

  1. Ziet er goed uit! Ik heb geen Babylips, maar ben wel van plan het een keer te kopen. Mooie foto's trouwens!

    1. Het is t zeker waard op babylips te kopen, maar dan zou ik wel de rescue kopen, die verzorgt je lippen beter dan alle andere babylips!
      En bedankt trouwens!X

  2. Wauw prachtig, hele mooie kleur en glans!

  3. Ziet er idd goed uit! Ik heb ook Babylips en ben er dol op! Liefs, Carmen ourbeautythings.nl


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