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Wednesday i came home, and my mother bought a gift for me. I was so suprised, thats normal... I guess, hehe. Anyway, she got me some jewerly. And i love them so much! Soooo, i decided to show you what she gave to me! :)

She got me a ring, and 2 necklaces. 2 gold ones, and one silver.

Im literally in love with these things. And you can buy them in Amsterdam! So if you visit Amsterdam one day, or somewhere in the Netherlands, defenitly check out the V&D!

{This is my first post in English. If you got tips, or something to say, comment! :)    }

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  1. Ik vind Revival zo'n gaaf merk! Ik heb er ook een heel leuk set oorbellen van.

    Ik heb nu een winactie dus misschien vind je het leuk om mee te doen :)



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