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A teenager; someone who probably loves Netflix, movies and being in their room. A pretty accurate description of me. As much as I love going out, being in my room gives me a safe feeling. The last couple of months my room has been a complete mess. I never felt truly content with it, which bugged me. I used to be a neat person with a clean room, but when I started to dislike my room, I turned into the messiest person to walk on this planet.

When I was visiting Amsterdam, I saw so many cute things for my room, that I immediately got inspired to change it into a place that reflected me. The day after Amsterdam my mom and I went home decor shopping which is what really started it all. I bought plants, (picture) frames, a mirror etc.

When we came home, I started re-furnishing my room. I moved my bed, changed my desk (my grandpa made my desk, all I had to do was remove the top and voilà; a smaller desk) and added my plants. Before I knew it my dad was drilling the frames to the wall and my room was finished.
As you might know, I'm in love with photography. The fact that my room isn't a mess anymore is a plus for my pictures. The amount of pictures I've taken in my room is insane, and now I'll be taking even more.

A couple days after I finished my room, one of my best friends came over. His name is Jaïm and we met through Instagram. The thing is, he lives 15 minutes away from me, which was so unexpected but so damn cool. Anyway, we had a full on photoshoot. The plants came in handy, and the light came through my curtains perfectly.

Now that my room is finished, I am way more productive. I never believed in the "your room should be clean and neat in order to be productive" talk, but now I do, and I can't stress enough how important this really is.

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