I like to think I'm a creative person. I can't sit still and just watch Netflix all day, even when I watch a really good show. I just have to do something else while binge-watching another season of Gossip Girl. Last week, my mind just turned into a creative garden of video and photography ideas. I don't know how I got in that state of mind, but it just happened. I had so many ideas. I spammed my Instagram story with many pictures and videos and probably annoyed every single one of my followers, but it's what I love to do, so let it be.

Now you must be thinking "what has your creativity to do with Amsterdam?" I don't blame you, it's kinda weird. But, I went to Amsterdam last Friday. Normally going to Amsterdam is just very chill for me, I visit it pretty often. But since I had this creativity vibe going on, I HAD to do something with it in one of my favorite cities ever.

I'm a photographer, at least that's what I like to call myself. I took my camera with me and took so many pictures of my friend, she also took some of me. My absolute favourite part about photography is the editing part; you can give the picture ANY vibe you want, any damn vibe.

6.45 AM, my alarm is ringing again. That annoying sound again. I sigh, a bit harder than I thought I would. As a try to open my eyes I reach for my phone. "Friday, February 23rd." Today is the day; Amsterdam. Just a little bit longer tho, I think while I grab my sheets and put them even closer to me. I start scrolling through tons of pictures before actually leaving my bed; procrastination at it's finest. An hour later I find myself doing my makeup, snapping some pictures my friend. Another hour forward I'm on the train, with my friend, on the train to Amsterdam. We arrive, we eat something at de Bijenkorf, which is surprisingly not as good as I expected it to be, kinda disappointed. All the energy we gained from our not so pleasing lunch, we're spending on shopping. We step out of the last store, my favorite, Brandy Melville, and make our way to the Negen Straatjes. We're having something to drink and eat, cause the shopping really drained all of our energy. No shame. 

While resting at PLUK AMSTERDAM (I'm sipping some good a** black coffee, and eating a delightful Macha Cake, which was so good and healthy) I edit some of the pictures I already made.
We have some good talk and then we leave, time for a photoshoot. I grab my camera out of my bag. Random people are giving us some weird looks, we smile at them, they don't smile back, welcome to Amsterdam. One, in particular, is a man who is probably around 55 years old. He just comes by on his scooter, as I shamelessly sit on the ground, in the middle of Amsterdam. 

Amsterdam was a wild one for me last Friday. The employees in the store we're honestly amazing and made me really happy, such a great vibe!

What's a blog post made by me without a deeper meaning behind it?
Here it is: send out the good light, that's all you need to do.

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