How To: Achieve Your Goals.

2018 might be the 4th year in a row I'm telling myself to be a better version and to be healthier, be better in school etc. Have I actually gotten through a year without breaking a healthy lifestyle and work out at least 3 times a week? No, I haven't. I learned something important though, something that could be life-changing; a different way to make your goals become reality.

For the past years, I've been telling myself to start next week or next Monday. Worst mistake. "I'm going to start working out next week" isn't a great way to achieve your goals. Instead, tell yourself: "Next Monday I am going to workout around 7 PM and I'll do squats, lunges.....", this way you'll tell yourself to do something, you're making a promise with yourself.

You can name these goals flashlight and laser goals. Flashlight goals are the goals like "This year I'm going to be healthy". These might work for three weeks or so but after those weeks you probably stopped being healthy. Laser goals are the goals you should be using: "Next Monday I am going to work out...." Lasers point to one particular point and are strong. Flashlights are very broad and die off before you know it. Try it out, and you might notice a big difference in your achievements
So, saying "I am" is something surreal. Every time you say it a genie in a bottle is like "okay, your wish is my command." This can also work in a negative way, as you might know. Try and keep your mindset as positive as possible.

Another way is to make a promise to someone else. Maybe get a workout buddy, or get a gym membership. For me this worked, until my trial period for the gym ended, and I actually had to pay for it, still haven't gotten back to it ever since. I really should though.

Your mindset is the most important of all, work on that first. Get enough sleep, stay hydrated, be happy. (which leads me to my next post, stay tuned)

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