2018 Goals - School Project

Thursday morning, February 1st to be exact. It's 11:44 AM as I'm sitting in class thinking about all the things I still have to do. As I make myself anxious, I realize I should breathe and just do the things I have to do. Step 1; write my English blog. This may be the most exciting task of the year. I've loved blogging and writing for so long so writing a blog isn't a punishment for me. Step 2; just do it. Easier said than done but just doing what you going to have to do is the best way to get started. "This may be a good goal for 2018, 'just do it' I think as I open my old friend "blogger". I found myself a subject for my blog, something I've struggled with all week. My 2018 goals, how am I going to make 2018 my best year yet?

Let's start off with something I'm really passionate about; music. As someone who's been involved in music for her whole life, I really want to get into it even more. I call myself a singer, even though I never share any of my covers with anyone. I'm planning on buying a better microphone so I can not only cover, but also create my own HQ songs. My goal for 2018 is to end the year with great (handwritten / self-made / singer-songwriter) songs and to share them with everyone. That's honestly just my life goal but 2018 could be a great start.

Another goal is to create a healthy relationship with learning and school, as cheesy as it sounds. I just think it should be possible. We're at school for good reasons, so why not make a great use of it. (this does NOT go well with the making music goal; I'd rather spend my night in the little home studio I created than to study history)

I not only want to create a healthy relationship with school, but also with eating healthy and working out. As hard as it is, it is something that's so important, it should always be your number one concern.
It usually takes me a lot to start working out, but if I just do some research and get myself motivated, I will get there, I have to.

Goals are hard to stick to, but instead of telling yourself that you're going to get something done this year, there's another way to do it. More about that in my next post....

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